Policies for Personal Items and Mobile Devices

[PGA TOUR Guidelines] Consistent with heightened security measures across our nation, the PGA TOUR will continue its normal security policies and expand screenings to ALL patrons, sponsors, volunteers, media and vendors attending or working at all events.

While attending a PGA TOUR tournament, officials request everyone participate in making the event safe and enjoyable by being aware of their surroundings. Should you notice an activity or an individual that might be suspicious, notify a uniformed law enforcement officer, private security personnel, a tournament official, or dial 911. Everyone is urged to keep a simple phrase in mind: “See something, say something.”

As the safety and well-being of everyone who attends a TOUR event is of the utmost importance, please become familiar with and adhere to the TOUR’s standard tournament policies which include a Permitted/Prohibited Items List and a Bag Policy.

For additional details, visit: https://www.pgatour.com/company/tournaments-prohibited-items.html

Permitted items:

  • Personal bags 6″x6″ or smaller
  • Clear plastic, vinyl or other carry items not exceeding 12″x6″x12″
  • A one-gallon clear resealable plastic bag
  • At the tournament’s discretion, food may enter the tournament in a clear, resealable plastic bag, not to exceed the size of a one (1) gallon bag
  • Mobile phones, tablets and PDAs – MUST be on silent mode and adhere to TOUR’s Mobile Device Policy
  • Point and shoot, film or DSLR cameras with lens smaller than 6″, no case (during practice rounds only)
  • Umbrellas without sleeve
  • Portable radios with headsets
  • Medically necessary materials, strollers, small diaper bags, plastic baby bottles and other essential baby supplies (infant must be with carrier) – items subject to search
  • Collapsible chairs without chair bags
  • Binoculars without case
  • Seat cushions that do not require a carrying case or that do not have pockets or compartments
  • Segways®, motorized scooters or other personal transportation devices when used as a mobility aid by individuals with mobility impairment

Prohibited items:

Just a reminder, the following items are prohibited inside the tournament gates and apply to all spectators, as well as all volunteers.

  • No bags larger than a small purse 6”x6″, including carrying cases, backpacks, camera bags or chair bags
  • No clear plastic, vinyl or other carry items larger than 12″x6″x12″
  • No plastic, metal, glass cups, cans, or containers of any kind except for medical or infant needs
  • No computers or laptops
  • No fireworks or laser pointers
  • No lounge or oversized chairs with extended foot rests
  • No seat cushions in a carrying case or that have pockets or compartments
  • No pets, except for service animals
  • No knives, firearms or weapons of any nature
  • No video cameras (all week)
  • No point and shoot, film or DSLR cameras (during competition rounds)
  • No selfie sticks or handheld camera stabilizers
  • No beverages (patrons may not bring in or exit with beverages) or coolers
  • No radios, TVs or portable speakers or other noise producing devices
  • No posters, signs or banners
  • No motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles, bicycles (whether or not motor driven), skateboards, hoverboards, or other similar devices will be permitted to be operated on or within tournament property. (Segways®, motorized scooters or other personal transportation devices are prohibited if not used as a mobility aid by individuals with mobility impairment.)
  • No drones, remote controlled model aircrafts or other devices that can be operated in airspace will be permitted to be operated at PGA TOUR events during tournament week.

All persons and items are subject to search prior to being granted access to a tournament. Persons found to be in possession of prohibited items or bags that exceed the permitted size specifications, will be asked to return those items to their vehicle before being allowed to board shuttles or enter the tournament grounds. The tournament may not provide a “bag check” facility, so attendees are urged not to bring prohibited items.

*All portable chairs must be removed from the course each night.

The PGA TOUR has approved the use of mobile devices as long as the patrons follow a basic code of conduct policy designed to ensure that play will not be affected. The code of conduct includes the following:

  • Devices must be on silent at all times; flash may not be used
  • Devices may be used to capture video, audio and photos (content) in all areas throughout tournament week
  • Content may be used for personal purposes (e.g., personal social media); no commercial use
  • No live streaming or real-time coverage (e.g., no shot-by-shot coverage)
  • Data use (e.g., texting) is permitted in all areas throughout tournament week
  • Phone calls are allowed only in designated areas
  • Please be respectful of play and do not interfere with players, caddies or media
  • All posted signage and instructions from tournament staff must be observed
  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in the revocation of your ticket

*Please see the back of your ticket for the complete terms of the Spectator Mobile Device Policy.  

Authorized cell phone zones:

  • Public restrooms located to the players right of #4 Green
  • Concession stand located to the players left of #8 Green
  • Concession stand located behind #11 Green
  • Public restrooms located to the players left of #14 Green